• Time – Approximately 15 minutes; Use Cream or grape oil or no product; sit comfortably with no interruptions

Some quiet time to yourself, play music if you wish; light a candle or use a room vaporiser with a fragrance you like.

Massage is the introductory part: it soothes and slows down the body and mind

  • Start by using your dominant hand and use oil/cream if you wish
  • Use firm stroking movements from fingertips towards the wrist/forearm
  • Move up and down under into the palm, repeat several times
  • Now use your thumb to firmly circle over the fingers and thumb, move up onto the hand bones and wrist. Turn the hand over and circle the palm and around the thumb

Reflexology – this may act to release toxins, blocked chi and ease some conditions

Work in 1 of 3 areas; thumb, palm or fingers, walking your thumb over an area or press and release over tender areas 3 times

  • Thumb area – eases headaches and tension, towards the spine area
  • Palm area – eases the central part of the body chest, abdomen and hip
  • Fingers – eyes, neck, ears, sinus; little finger shoulder area

Repeat to the other hand

Click on the link to watch Alero massaging:


How to give yourself a head/shoulder massage   

  • Allow 15 minutes
  • Play relaxing music   
  • Sit somewhere quiet
  1. Use oil or cream – place on a table next to you, remove upper clothing and sit in a warm room ideally after a shower or bath.
  2. Shrug shoulders up and down 3 times and breathe deeply 3-6 times to help ease tension; inhaling an essential oil of your choice.
  3. Loosen hair if its long, apply product to both hands and smooth over shoulders and up neck.
  • Use long strokes up the arm towards the neck into the hairline. Repeat several times on each side.
  • Use your dominant hand first and make a fist and gently circle the over the arm, shoulder and neck area, going deeper as you relax, repeat 3 times
  • Switch to the other shoulder and repeat
  • Breathe deeply to allow the tension to go and the chi to flow
  • Use one hand, fingers to circle around the ears and into the scalp. Slide over the scalp or circle into the muscles of the scalp slowly
  • Move to forehead using fingers and zigzag across, slide fingers from eyebrows to hair line;
  • Circle the eyes with ring fingers
  • Cup the chin and lift hands up the face and up to the hair
  • Slide into hair and tug the hair to release tension; Smooth hair down

Cover up, keep warm and have a warm drink/water, and a sleep if possible