Our Acupuncturist, Becky Hale, has some wise tips on how to look after yourself this Autumn and Winter.

It’s at this transitional time of year that many individuals are vulnerable to picking up viruses so follow Becky’s tips to keep you in tip top condition!

What makes you cold

  • Eating too many raw and cold foods.
  • Drinking too much cold water.
  • Drinking and eating directly from the fridge.
  • Spending too much time exposed to cold air.
  • Certain medicines can be very cold in energy, including antibiotics and antidiuretics.

How to warm up

  • Drink teas such as ginger tea or chai.
  • Eat warming foods, which include beetroot, ginger, lamb, peppers, carrots, figs, chicken and oats.
  • Make homemade chicken soup and add warming spices like ginger and coriander.
  • Add warming essential oils to your bath such as cardamom, orange, bergamot and ginger.
  • Sleep away from draughts and air vents.
  • Make sure you have enough warm layers on.

Becky also always asks patients with back issues to make sure they drink enough water – at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day to keep their discs hydrated.

Here is a recipe from Pippa Mitchell, our Nutritional Therapist that is useful if you’re feeling under the weather to just fancy and warming drink as a pick me up.  The herbs are very soothing for a sore throat or chesty cough, but leave out if you prefer:

  • 1/2 fresh lemon, squeezed
  • sprig or two of fresh thyme (dried will do)
  • sprig of fresh sage
  • knob of fresh ginger grated
  • spoon of raw natural honey
  • herbal tea bag: eg: lemon, honey and ginger

Put everything except the honey into a small tea pot.

Fill with boiling water and let it steep for at least 5 minutes, stirring once or twice.

Put a spoon of honey into a mug, add the tea and sip slowly.

The thyme is very soothing for a sore throat and chesty cough, and the ginger is anti-inflammatory,  lemon provides Vitamin C and antioxidants.  Sage is also useful for soothing sore, red, scratchy throats.