Soothing Baby Clinic providing a helping hand …. for your crying baby

Are you struggling with the stress of coping with a new baby – especially one who is persistently crying or unusually difficult to settle for no obvious reasons?

Then help is at hand …..

We are absolutely delighted to announce the very special launch of our Soothing Baby Clinic – a new integrated, rapid screening clinic for young infants (0-12 weeks) at Luck’s Yard Clinic in Milford.  We know how tough it has been for us and yourselves to see experienced practitioners ‘face to face’ during the pandemic and how being a new parent can bring feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

Nicky is the inventor and developer of a unique patented specialist babies soother, the Qudo™ Soother which mimics the benefits of Cranial Osteopathy to deliver relief. A scientific, proven solution for uncomfortable and persistently crying babies suffering with colic, reflux, GORD (Gastro-Oesophageal Disease), poor sleeping, poor feeding, undiagnosed pain or recovering from birth.

From Saturday 10 April we are offering these first consultations too help test our protocols and give us genuine feedback.  Therefore, for the first 4 weeks we will be offering appointments (60 minutes) free of charge and these will be booked on a first-come first-served basis.  In lieu of payment during this pilot scheme, we would welcome donations to either of the charities listed below:

After the initial 4 week period appointments will be chargeable and information will be available on the Luck’s Yard website.

Run by two very experienced practitioners, namely Nicky Bateman (paediatric chiropractor with 18+ years’ experience in helping challenging infants) and Helen Woodland, Health Visitor.  We think this is a first in the UK to offer specifically focused integrated assessment and care. We passionately believe in supporting and helping our community and reaching out to those in need.

What to expect?

Firstly, a very warm welcome and a listening ear.  We will ensure that we understand what is going on and we know that as parents you really do know what the problems are and can describe them to us very effectively. After which we will carry out appropriate NHS health screening tests and Chiropractic examination of your baby. The aim is to identify and get to the probable root cause for your baby’s discomfort.  We will also weigh and measure your baby and update your Personal Child Health Record (red book).

As part of the screening service, we are doing ongoing research exploring the benefits of a unique specialist soother protocol.  We request that during the consultation your baby tries the soother whilst you are in the clinic, under our observation, i.e., approximately 10-15 minutes (for further information, please see

By the end of your visit, you will have received advice and guidance about the next immediate steps and actions to take to resolve the challenges you are having.  Our aim and focus is to help guide you in the right direction for the right help, whether that is back to see your GP or a referral to another appropriate professional or any other support.

We won’t be including treatment at your first visit because our aim is to see and help as many crying infants and their parents as possible in the time we have. If needed, with your permission, we will write to a health professional such as your GP with the findings of our assessment and email you a short report too.  When you are tired and exhausted as parents, we know it can be easier to remember our recommendations if they are followed up in an email.

We also welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have which will help develop the service in a way that really suits the needs of new parents. We have a pretty good idea about what that is but of course happy to hear your feedback.

To read more about both Nicky and Helen please click on the Meet the Team tab on our homepage:

If you would like to book into the Soothing Baby Clinic, please call Luck’s Yard Reception on 01483 527945 or email to book your appointment. If successful, as per current Covid19 guidelines we will ask you to complete some paperwork online in advance of your visit. This is to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible.

We look forward to seeing you!